Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2nd Lesson

Hello. Today I`m going to teach a very important thing, counting trioleis.
Triolies are 3 stokes every quarter note.
I`ll explain it with the timeline picture I used last lesson.

Lets say the whole time between first beep and second beep is ... 10 second
The blue dots represend a strike
The first strike is at exactly 0 seconds, it starts the counting
The seond one is at exactly at 5 seconds, while the 3rd beep is at exactly 10 seconds
 The forth strike is already a new quarter, that means you start counting to 10 again from zero.
I hope you got it right, it is pretty hard to explain it through writing, if you have any questions feel free to comment and ask (:

Next lesson I`ll teach you how to read notes, And than we`ll get to some real drumming (:


  1. i can finaly play guitar! thanks for helping me out.
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  2. @blorriepoes Did you actually read it? at least the blog name. He's teaching drumming.

    Anyways, Thanks I'm looking for future lessons/tips from you.